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Power of family business

We are a family-owned company with extensive experience in the production of professional indoor tanning cosmetics. After years we can proudly say: we are experts in this field! We were established in 1992, and a few years later we introduced SOLEO products as the first of this new category in Poland, becoming the market leader. Since then, we have been successfully creating, distributing and implementing new solutions, trying to be close to customers, to meet their needs and tastes. Our reliability and commitment has always been appreciated and the quality of our products is the biggest advantage of our company. We follow the trends and create products tailored to them. We don’t claim that we know everything best, but we do our best to offer the best.

Our history

Aroma Trend - story


Our history this is the story of family entrepreneurship. Piotr’s grandfather had his own business, and later Piotr’s parents, especially his Mum, successfully built a cosmetic company from scratch. The world of the company, which was run at home, was got interwoven with their private life on daily basis. The children have naturally participated in this business from an early age. They got involved in it, helped as much as they could, they knew that it was important. Many times they spent their holidays doing activities related to the business… Do they regret it?

Piotr Draniak: “Of course, I wasn’t always eager to do the duties imposed on us by Mum, but today, when I look at it, it was then when I learnt diligence, respect, honesty, watchfulness to quality, commitment and reliability. Mum was very demanding and probably that’s why today I also demand a lot from myself. But my job is my passion. Thanks to those experiences I saw what it means to have an unbelievably committed small team. We weren’t successful all the time, I made mistakes, too, but now I also know that the team is the most important. I want people to know that they have an impact.”

Our assets

Our history – Timeline



the beginning of the company's operation.

Initially, focusing on trade and distribution. The company operates under the name PPHU Piotr Draniak. It was then that Piotr built his first distribution on the Polish coast. The company is growing dynamically, trying their hand at aroma-marketing as well. Hence the subsequent name of the company Aroma Trend.



creating innovative products.

Soleo Mousse Tanning for use in the sun and in tanning salons is a great success as it conquers the Polish market. This is the birth of the Soleo brand.



our first professional Polish tanning salon product is created.

Soleo Tan Activator gives rise to other professional solar cosmetics in various categories. The first concept of Soleo umbrella salons in Poland and a training program, as well as educational campaigns are created with the aim of educating people how to get a healthy and safe suntan, whether it’s at the beach or in a tanning salon. This is a new quality in the solar marketing trade.



our first foreign trade fair.

This is our debut as an exhibitor at important international fairs in Germany, and then in Italy, Russia, Spain, England, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine. This groundbreaking move opened the door to the world of exports. These activities are then continued for 10 years in a row, bearing very large fruit in the development of exports to 47 countries in the world.



our first steps in the private label service.

Dynamic growth, product quality and professionalism of the company were initially appreciated by the eastern market. It is there that the need to produce a client’s own brand arose, which resulted in collaboration for many years to come and became the beginning of Private Label service development also on European markets.


2003 – 2005

reaching our clients in non-standard ways and building a leadership position.

Soleo holiday activities and events on the seaside beaches with the participation of Polish modern dance champions, as well as long-term collaboration with Polish world champions in freestyle bartending (1st prize in Rio de Janeiro) attracted the attention and interest of a huge group of new customers. Intensive collaboration with the industry and the media, numerous exhibitions and meetings with the opinion-forming community strengthened Soleo’s position on the market. The first press conference in Poland, with the participation of a sexologist, prof. Lew Starowicz and the Fitness World Champion Aleksandra Kobielak (the face of our brand) marked a new quality of our PR activities in the industry.


2005 – 2008

focusing on growth, education of clients and building awareness of healthy and safe sunbathing.

Over 5,000 trained employees and owners of tanning salons in Poland, a planned and ordered distribution network, brand recognition and the leadership position on the Polish market. We started the distribution of the American Supertan brand. Using the well-prepared customer network, the company achieved another commercial success. During this time, we also changed the SOLEO brand logotype and we rebranded the products.


2016 – 2017

introducing new brands.

We created a professional brand of FITiN cosmetics aimed at body contouring for people who regularly exercise. We also started the distribution of the American brand Tan Desire, where, similarly to the Supertan brand, we became its exclusive distributor for Europe and Asia.



changing the AROMA TREND logo.

We are focusing on a new quality, we are changing the websites of our brands and the Aroma Trend umbrella brand. We are further developing private label services on new markets.


Aroma Trend - Piotr Draniak

If you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least hit the moon!

Piotr Draniak

Graduated from Chemical Sciences and Marketing & Management. From his youth, he has been closely associated with a cosmetic company founded by his parents, where he learned how to operate a company. However, his dreams always went beyond that. That’s why in his own company he opted for indoor tanning products instead of typical beauty care cosmetics. By establishing the SOLEO brand in Poland, not only did he create a new category of products, but he was the first to successfully introduce it to Polish beauty salons, becoming the market leader. He developed and built a then unique distribution network throughout Poland, and then, as the first Polish brand of indoor tanning cosmetics, he successfully conquered foreign markets.


Aroma Trend - draniak

Clear message creates true friends

Agnieszka Draniak

A trained beautician, always fascinated with beauty products. From the very beginning with great passion and commitment she has been building a company with her husband. She has been responsible for product development, ensuring their safety, research, declarations and regulations. She was also in charge of all PR activities and contacts with suppliers.  Her vast knowledge, meticulousness and honesty to the customer is a guarantee of a very high quality of cosmetics, which is appreciated by customers all over the world. In this respect, she does not accept compromise, and quality has become a trademark of all the brands present in the company’s portfolio. In private, a loving wife and mother of three grown-up and adolescent children.


Aroma Trend - team

Strong team create strong company

Team. It’s the heart of the company. This is its drive. Our team is known for its commitment and willingness to meet all challenges. All of us – the managers, logistics, marketing, products, sales and warehouse services experts – are one team. We have extensive competencies and understand our work. We appreciate and respect each other. We know that despite all the differences we need to work together to achieve a common goal. Like partners. Therefore, we try to be one. We focus on development and improvement to boost the quality of our services. We are true, dependable, and honest. You can rely on us!

Our products

Aroma Trend - produkt Soleo


Luxury Tanning Creator

It is the first Polish brand of tanning cosmetics used in tanning salons. What makes it stand out? First of all, the highest quality, the heart put into our products that you can feel during each application. Rich formulas impress with their level of care and incredible effectiveness. The offer currently includes 7 product lines, which offer both professional tanning accelerators, bronzers, as well as tingle effect lotions.

Aroma Trend - produkt supertan


Get a tan, have fun!

Supertan is an American brand of professional indoor tanning cosmetics that was created to inspire, make you appreciate every day and not be afraid to be yourself. To make decisions that are not always in line with trends. We believe that tan improves well-being and mood, increases self-confidence and ensures attractive appearance! The offer includes professional accelerator lotions, bronzers and after-tan products that will envelop your body with rich care, and their crazy and intense fragrances will take you to the land of fun and rest. Enchant everyone!

Aroma Trend - produkt tan desire

Tan Desire

Beauty Tanning Secrets

It is a unique and prestigious brand of high quality American cosmetics, which allow you to enjoy a golden tan and an incredibly sexy, nourished body for a long time. Created for women to experience the Californian coastline, which is sunny, delightful and offers beautiful views, on their own skin. To make them shine like a star with a long-lasting golden tan and a wonderfully maintained body. Sophisticated, perfumery, beautiful fragrances of lotions provide luxury and a wonderful delight of application.

Aroma Trend - produkt FITin produkty


Your skin's personal coach

First fitness cosmetics containing all the elements of workout: cosmetic warm-up, active shaping and regeneration. Created to motivate, enhance the effectiveness of exercises, bring clear results of skin condition improvement. The cosmetics are rich in natural fat burning ingredients – these that you can find in dietary supplements for athletes. Because it is not enough to work on your muscles to make your body look beautiful, you also need to take care of your skin!

Aroma Trend Sp. z o.o. sp.k.

Aroma Trend is the Polish manufacturer of Soleo tanning cosmetics, present on the market since 1992, a distributor of the American brands Supertan and Tan Desire. It is also the owner of the FITiN brand – a new generation of fitness cosmetics and a Private Label service provider.


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